Class AdapterClassCollector

  extended by cuba.webservice.AdapterClassCollector

public class AdapterClassCollector
extends java.lang.Object

Utility class to collect alle classes from the application's class path which represent client adapters for webservice tunneling. The lookup of components via a WebserviceClientContext is based on a naming convention which derives the adapter class name from the global component name. However, the packages of these classes cannot be derived from anything and therefore the classes must initially be searched for.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static java.util.Map findSubClasses(java.lang.Class parentClass)
          Finds all subclasses of a given class or interface.
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Constructor Detail


public AdapterClassCollector()
Method Detail


public static java.util.Map findSubClasses(java.lang.Class parentClass)
Finds all subclasses of a given class or interface. It will only search within the loaded packages and not the entire classpath.

parent - the class for which subclasses are searched
a map of found Class objects with their (short) name as key.