cuba This is the "main" package for very basic abstract classes, interfaces and exception.
cuba.annotation Here you find the cuba-annotation-tag definition.
cuba.ejb This package handles cuba-components inside a managed ejb enviroment.
cuba.util This is the util-package, collecting command-line- and the generator-classes.
cuba.util.codegen In this Package you find everything for generating the adaptors for the different enviroments.
cuba.util.ddgen Here you find everything to generate deployment descriptors for every enviroment.
cuba.util.ddgen.tokens This package handles a single component-, resource- enviromententry or reference.
cuba.webservice This simple, straight forward package handles cuba-components inside a webservice enviroment.
cuba.wired This package handles cuba-components inside a wired enviroment.
cuba.wired.ddread This package reads the deployment descriptors for the wired enviroment.